Hyundai Matrix service from 2002 to 2006 of release
1. Operation and maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Electric equipment schemes

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Hyundai Matrix (from 2002 to 2006 of release)

Hyundai Matrix - the ideal city car which is perfectly entering in your dynamic way of life. It does not take a lot of place therefore easily maneuvers and parks.

Hyundai Matrix combines all advantages which the modern car should possess: reliability, safety, comfort, convenience and power of the 1,8-liter engine. It is not necessary to you about anything worries. In it all Hyundai Matrix. It is just fine.

And, at last, the main thing - the author's design of Hyundai Matrix is executed by legendary Italian design studio Pininfarina. These a lot of things explains. That is why Hyundai Matrix - a masterpiece of automobile art.

Hyundai Matrix was projected on the basis of Hyundai Lantra, the first versatile person of Hyundai Motor Company. However engineers had to finish a car design as parameters of a body underwent strong changes.

Hyundai Matrix is a synonym of mobility and universality. Small if to judge on appearance, the car pleasantly surprises with spacious salon and ease in management. Add here use of the latest technical developments, a reasonable approach to placement of passengers and cargo, and you will understand all advantages of possession such car.

The Russian premiere of Hyundai Matrix took place in August, 2001 on motor show in Moscow. The car caused huge interest from potential buyers and competitors.

Attractive, available and exclusively practical Hyundai Matrix gives you everything that you wait from the modern car.

The electronic monitoring system, advanced system of injection of the fuel, the lowered level of noise and vibration is some characteristics of the engine working equally effectively both at city streets and on the highway. Engine capacity - 123 h.p. will be pleasant to fans of fast driving.

In the modernized mechanical transmission bezzamkovy synchronizers for the third and fourth transfers and bezzamkovy dvukhkonusny for the first and the second are established. Such design allows to reduce effort on the lever and does gear shifting by softer. Acceleration performance and fuel profitability are increased at the expense of application of a wide range of the transfer relations.

Hyundai Matrix is equipped with the Electronic Time and Alarm Control System system (ETACS) supervising work of electronic systems of the car. All data are deduced on the information display. Besides, ETACS prevents an accumulator discharge. At a voltage reduction in a network all devices consuming the electric power will be disconnected.

The forward suspension bracket of MacPherson is the best option of equipment of the car. The back suspension bracket of Dual - link successfully copes with a lateral list of the car at entry into turn.

Hyundai Matrix is an and family car, and the car for inveterate individuals. All will find it equally convenient and comfortable. Especially it should be noted possibility of adjustment of back seats as across that creates additional space for feet, and in the vertical plane that provides the best review of the road. In transit large-sized cargo back seats it is possible to combine and receive one equal surface completely. Forward seats are displayed in a comfortable sofa.

Compact outside, but spacious inside, Hyundai Matrix will give huge pleasure from driving.

The windshield of Hyundai Matrix has a convex form and is a little drowned is improves aerodynamic characteristics and increases the review. Big lateral glasses pass a lot of light in salon.

The board computer deduces information on fuel consumption and distance before filling, traces the passable distance, time in a way and many other things. The special sensor warns about the switched-on hand brake.

The handle of the lever of gear shifting has a new spherical form and is displaced forward. Such decision appeared the best from the point of view of ergonomics.

The set of convenient offices for storage of things is provided. Two niches in lateral walls of a luggage carrier and under a number of back seats are intended for tools. Under a forward seat there is an office for footwear, and in backs of forward seats folding little tables are built in.

The screen of the luggage compartment, special fixing grid, and also forward and back armrests enter into a standard set of the equipment