Hyundai Matrix service from 2002 to 2006 of release
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
8.1. General information
8.2. External elements of a body
8.3. System of passive safety
8.4. Heater and conditioner
8.4.1. General information
8.4.2. Installation of connecting details
8.4.3. Depression creation in system
8.4.4. Removal and installation of a nave of the coupling and compressor pulley
8.4.5. Removal and installation of a winding of the electromagnetic coupling of the compressor
8.4.6. Removal and installation of an epiploon of a shaft of the compressor
8.5. Tables
9. Electric equipment schemes


8.4.2. Installation of connecting details

Connection by bolts and nuts

Fig. 8.56. Connection of the pipeline of central air of air

Put on all fixing details compressor oil for simplification of their inhaling, sufficient for ensuring tightness of connection.
For prevention of a perekruchivaniye of pipelines an inhaling make two keys.
Tighten carving connections by the specified moments.

Flange connections with a directing pin
Check existence of a sealing ring, be convinced of absence of its damages and put on it compressor oil.

Fig. 8.57. Scheme of installation of flange connections

Insert a tube, as is shown in drawing 8.57, and tighten a nut a hand.

Kompressionnoye oil
Oil for compressor greasing during its work circulates in system. In all cases when replacement of details of system is made or there is a leakage of a large number of a coolant, add oil for restoration of its initial quantity.
Single filling by oil: 140–160 g.

Treatment of oil
Do not allow hit in oil of moisture, a dust, metal particles, etc.
Do not mix some oil of different brands.
At long impact of air on oil moisture content increases in it. After filling and долива oils at once densely close capacity.

Compressor filling by oil
Before check of level of oil and share let's to the engine work idling 20–30 mines, having established the temperature switch in the situation corresponding to giving in salon of most cooled air, and the fan switch – the maximum speed of rotation, then fill in oil in the compressor.

Check and restoration of level of compressor oil
For долива oils at the working compressor previously check oil level.
Make compressor filling by oil, stop the engine, merge a coolant and remove the compressor from the car.
Merge oil via the drain union of system.

Oil plums from the cold compressor it is complicated. Before plums of oil warm up the compressor approximately to 40–50 °C.

Define amount of the merged oil. If it less than 70 cm3, means there is a small leakage of oil. Check tightness of all connections of system, eliminate leak or if necessary replace faulty details.
Check oil on existence of pollution and restore its level to norm, as shown below.

Having added oils at replacement of details
At replacement of details of system add in replaced details the following amount of oil.

Installation of the control moments

Fig. 8.58. Accession of refueling hoses

Close both gates of an adapter of manometers.

At installation of control manometers observe security measures.

Attach refueling hoses to adapter unions. A hose of low pressure attach to the refueling union of low pressure, and a hose of a high pressure – to the refueling union of a high pressure. Tighten nuts of unions of hoses manually.

Fill system with a coolant, previously having uncovered the engine and a vozdukho-intaking branch pipe.

Coolant plums
Connect a set of control manometers to system.
Spread out a towel under the open end of the central hose.
Merge a coolant, slowly opening the gate of the line of a high pressure.

At too fast to plum of a coolant can occur plums of compressor oil from system.

Check, whether there are no oil spots on a towel. If is, slightly cover the gate.
When indications of a manometer will fall below 3,5 kgfs/cm2, slowly open the gate of the line of low pressure.
Slowly open gates of lines of high and low pressure until manometers will not show 0 kgfs/cm2.

Fig. 8.59. The scheme of installations at coolant plum

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